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Sales Performance Management

Helps you align corporate objectives with sales activities. Facilitates structured, focused and metrics driven sales activity planning and follow up, thereby ensuring the best possible results from your salesforce

Incentive Compensation Management

Allows you to implement salesforce incentives that support your sales strategy and ignite that extra effort whenever you need it – regardless of whether you operate with your own salesforce or a network of re-sellers

Not just sales…

Quality measurement, customer satisfaction surveys and customer retention rates – whatever you can measure, you can reward.  And if you reward good performance, it is likely to improve. So, why wouldn’t you?

If you want to improve performance, you have to work with several disciplines.
Performance Institute integrates all of these in one seamless and intuitive platform

Your sales representatives need to know exactly what you expected from them. They have to be adequately educated to sell your products. They need to perform – individually and compared to their peers. You need to reward them with incentives that work. You will need to gather information and manage the salesforce. And you need to rigorously follow up to ensure they are on the right track. Performance Institute allows you to do this in a platform that is


  • Cost efficient
  • Flexible
  • Intuitive
  • Easy to deploy

Your Look and Feel

We set up the system according to your design specifications – it will appear as if it was your own, and it can be accessed directly or completely seamlessly via an existing portal of your choice.

Information and Analytics

Performance Institute collects a plethora of information. Extensive analytics allows you to evaluate sales performance and identify potential areas for improvement.

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